Kids Guernica Project

Miss Mariel Velarde from Sixth Grade has enrolled the school in the Kids Guernica International Project ( in English class.
Kids' Guernica is an international children's art project to create a peace mural on a Picasso's "Guernica" size (3.5m x 7.8m) canvas.

 Pablo Picasso created "Guernica" to protest against the brutality of bombing during the Spanish civil war in 1937. He painted "Guernica"on a canvas, which made it possible to move from Paris to London, New York, and then Madrid. 

Kids' Guernica is an artwork on a global canvas, expressing the spirit of peace and connecting people. More than 160 peace paintings were already created in 40 countries of the world. If you connect all the workshop spots on the globe, a wonderful drawing will appear. 

The drawings from Sixth grade students on a campaign for world peace can be found in this LINK TO FACEBOOK ALBUM, please vote by LIKING the picture and the one that has the most likes will be chosen as the Official Guernica entry of Berkeley for the International Campaign for Peace and will be painted in a 3.5m x 7.8m size canvas. 

The deadline will be until October 10th at 8pm. 
Good luck!! 

Mariel Velarde 
English Teacher 

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